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Artistic Expressions that Energize and Inspire Life and Work

Cubism meets Impressionism
Then shatters everything

Featured Projects

Limited Edition Kimonos

Available Now!
Add a punch of colour to your little black dress!  Shaina’s ‘Shattered Bay’ kimono is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  Perfect to dress up date night, or toss on at the beach.  Limited edition of 50, and made in Canada!

Limited Edition Kimonos

Available Now!
Make a statement while out on the town or at the beach with this kimono featuring a print of Shaina’s painting, “Rebirth”. Limited edition of 50, and made in Canada!

The Queen | 30" x 24"

She’s fierce.

New Sunset Paintings

Island Persoective | 24″ x 24″

New Sunset Paintings

Water’s Walkway | 20″ x 20″

My Unique Style

Shaina with The Point

The creative process inspires me and gives me energy. It gives me a feeling of connection with my surroundings, and I want everyone who owns one of my creations to feel the same connection.

I focus on harsh lines to create rhythm and energy. My technique focuses on many layers of colours to create depth and intrigue.

From any vantage point, my work aims to induce a sense of mindfulness and exploration of creativity: to spark conversation.

Commissioned Work

Shaina Hardie - Commissioned Work

I love creating custom work for others who can share in the energy and joy. That’s why I involve my clients in the process of creating commission pieces. Within the bounds of my artistic style, my goal is to deliver a creation you will enjoy for a lifetime and value as an investment for the future.

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