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Kefi Art Gallery is hosting another virtual exhibition!

Nature’s Wonderland: Seeing, Feeling, Being will run from April 12, 2021 to April 28, 2021.

Note from Curator:

Mother Nature is a magical muse! It has always been a source of inspiration for artists. “Nature’s Wonderland: Feeling, Seeing, Being” group exhibition aims to inspire the viewers to find beauty everywhere and invites them to explore how artists depict the magnificence of our planet. The show will include art and statements by selected artists. While examining the relationship between nature and art, we will also raise important questions of climate change, preservation of natural habitat, and how we, as city dwellers, can co-exist with nature in harmony.

We all have a moment in life when we long for being close to nature. One way is to bring nature indoors in a form of original fine art! 🪴

-Liza Zhurkovskaya

Featured Work

I am showcasing “Peace and Energy” alongside other Kefi Art Gallery members, as well as newly featured artists.  Nature is a popular theme in the art world and a very popular subject for individual collectors.  It brings an element of the outdoors inside to inspire our homes, offices and living spaces.  I always look forward to seeing the magic created by other artists and possibly adding something new to my own collection.  I am one of Kefi’s collectors myself and I love that I’m supporting a local business (as well as a fellow Toronto artist in the case of my recent purchase!).

Who says you can’t go to the gallery during lockdown?

Be sure to check out the show and ‘walk through’ the gallery.  This exhibition features some seriously beautiful work.  Some of my favourites include “Changing Winds” by C. Lam.  Her wispy, yet bold strokes of paint are magical.  I’m naturally drawn to blues and beige tones, so this piece hits the nail on the head for me.  I can almost feel the breeze.

Amy Shackleton is fellow Kefi Gallery artist I’ve been following and I was thrilled to see one of her pieces in the exhibition.  Her unique “drip” technique creates beautiful lines…no paintbrush necessary: just drip bottles and gravity for Amy. Her piece “On the Strip (Arizona + Las Vegas)” is a mashup of where city meets nature, its disturbingly beautiful.

Celt Duk also caught my eye with her “Unseen Observers”.  There is something about her use of colour and blending that really warmed me up.  Look closely – do you see the deer?  I loved her explanation of the painting as well.  We’re never alone in nature – the animals observe our movements and presence.

Featured Work

Peace and Energy | 12" x 36"

Peace and Energy

Off the west facing coast of Oahu, the sunsets are electric. Facing directly into the far-reaching oceans, one can get lost in the vibrant colours. The breathtaking views of the palm silhouettes against the vibrant pinks and oranges is both peaceful and energizing. You can’t help but feel completely content, yet completely inspired.  This painting is inspired from one of my three visits to the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  Hawaii has given me so much inspiration: From the striking blues and greens in the bordering waters to the vibrant sunsets and peppering of rainbows, there is something magical about the lighting in this area of the world and how the surrounding colours evoke so many emotions and feelings of warmth.

Original photo inspiration

Reflection on Nature’s Wonderland: Seeing, Feeling, Being

It’s no secret that Mother Nature is my favourite muse.  Recurring themes in my work include landscapes focusing on sunsets and water: the manner in which light and objects interact to create bursts of colour and movement.  For me, nature is my escape to quiet my mind and absorb the sensory of elements and beauty that surround me.  It’s in these quiet moments that I find clarity and inspiration: to capture these moments that force us to reflect on our lives or relive our nostalgia (if only for a moment).  Nature is not simply seen, it is experienced and as an artist portraying my muse, my mission is to help you relive the magic of Nature in your daily lives.  Through colour and the use of harsher lines, I introduce rhythm in a dream-like fashion to create a certain energy.  It’s not the real thing, it is a painting. But I want to remind you of its beauty and power…for you to see it, feel it, and be in the moment…transporting you to a special place in your mind to evoke the feelings as if you were actually there.

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