Celebrating Female Artists

As a member artist of Kefi Art Gallery, I showcased four pieces in the gallery’s recent exhibition, From Women’s Eye.  It was an honour to showcase my work alongside other talented female artists in a show curated by Kefi’s badass female owner, Liza Zhukovskaya.

Going Virtual

I have to say, I was BLOWN away with what Liza created.  For some reason, I had envisioned a virtual show as a simply webpage with images.  Well, I was mistaken!

Liza created a full blown virtual gallery with rooms.  Think of it like the 3D floorplans for showcasing a home that allow you “walk through” home virtually.  This allowed her to showcase the selected artworks in a similar fashion as she would in a physical gallery.  There’s a LOT that goes into installing artwork for a show…Curators must place a variety of different style together in a cohesive fashion to create a positive experience for art collectors.  Placing these pieces is an entire art within itself and with this setup, Liza was able strut her stuff.

I loved ‘walking’ through the gallery to view artwork from my fellow artists.  It was easy to zoom in on a piece and view the artist and more information.  If you saw something you liked, it was easy to click for more information and take action to purchase.  Well done to Liza and Kefi Art Gallery for adapting in these times and providing a fun, engaging manner to showcase our works!

The Artwork

About six months ago, I painting four illustration boards. I was exploring a certain colour palette with my signature shattered style. Soft pinks paired with various tones of blue and hints of pale gold.  It felt feminine, yet powerful.  But aside from experimenting with this palette, I had no plan for these pieces.

And so they sat…rearing their beautiful colours every now and then.  I would take them out from their resting place, look at them…think about what to do with them….look at them some more and then eventually, I would place them back in their spot. This happened a few times.

International Women’s Day

Early in the year I took a step back from my painting to experiment with illustrations.  I decided I had wanted to create some illustrations to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day. Different images to showcase the various stages of life we find ourselves in and the many feelings

I went searching for the illustration boards.  Flopping them on the desk, I went to my paints and pulled out white.  Grabbed a paint brush and began painting over my palette experiment.  But I wasn’t covering anything up.  I was painting with purpose.  Creating a canvas on top of another canvas – these pieces were transforming.  And illustrations were born.

The Women

A tribal woman, a naked body, an ode to Audrey Hepburn with extra long eyelashes, a mysterious woman under a hat.  Some of the multi-dimensional phases exhibited by women.


The timing of these artworks aligned perfectly with the show.  The loose illustration style paired with my signature shatter and harsh lines were a reflection of the imperfection of women.  We are all a work in progress – our evolution is undeniable. 

These pieces are a reminder of the many roles we play.

Parting ways

It’s always bitter-sweet when a piece is sold.  While the process may not always be seamless, a completed piece is one that I’ve put my creative energy into and given my own personal stamp of approval to share with the world.  It’s work that I have brought into fruition, stared at for hours….in this case, for months.  I have an attachment to it.  Yet seeing someone connecting with my work is truly one of my favourite feelings.  I do this because I love it…but also because I love sharing it with others.

Innocent and Enigmatic were  among the ‘red dot’ pieces in the show and have now been sent to their new homes.  Enigmatic was purchased by a previous collector of mine – repeat collectors make my heart explode!  Sometimes I have to pinch myself, knowing that people are willing to invest in my work again and again.

Poised and RAW are both available for purchase through my shop.  Each piece measures 12″ tall x 9″ wide on illustration board.  They come framed in white with an 8″ x 10″ white mat.


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