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You read that correctly! Having finished a large corporate commission towards the end of April (blog post coming soon!), I was able to switch my focus back to sunsets. While I absolutely love commissions and working with others to create something special, it’s always good to get back to my roots and simply create for the sake of creating. Especially during these never ending lockdowns in Ontario.

Like many others in Ontario, I’m finding my patience wearing thin and my anxiety growing under these never ending restrictions. I can’t help but think about long-term economic impacts on businesses (especially small businesses), and of course our mental health. It’s been an outlet for me to paint these sunsets, and recreate more serene times in my signature style. I hope seeing this work is an outlet for you as well – a moment of serenity.

Water’s Walkway

Inspiration for Water’s Walkway came from one of the many beautiful sunsets I’ve been fortunate to witness at the lake. I loved the cloud formation and transition of hues between blue, yellow and vibrant pink. I suppose I’ve had cottage live of the brain. Thinking about sitting on the dock silently watching the day morph into night and the transition of colours dancing slowly across the sky. I would often arrive on a Friday night, after work, racing along the back roads trying to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Upon arrival, I would throw the car into park and run to the dock just so I could get the full effect of the sunset, multiplied by it’s reflection against the water. So beautiful and serene. The stress of the city and the hours sitting in traffic would melt away. The weekend had begun.

Water’s Walkway measures 20″ square by 1.5″ deep and is available for purchase here.

Island Perspective

Another familiar view for me, Island Perspective, features one of the islands across the lake from us. Looking at my photo inspiration, I noticed the silhouettes of the tree-line. The island blended in with the tree-line behind it, making the appear smaller. I wanted to focus on this subtle difference. I wanted the island to stand out slightly, balancing the burst of clouds on the right side. Although my style is quite abstract, I’m focusing on subtleties to enhance certain subject matter and create more depth in my work. I want the viewer to pick up on these more subtle aspects.

Island Perspective measures 24″ square by 1.5″ deep and is available for purchase here.

More sunsets on the horizon

At the moment I’m in the sunset groove, working on a rather large dyptich. My excitement for this piece is high – let’s keep our fingers crossed that my vision comes together as expected!

Let me know what you think of my newest pieces in the comments below. I would love to hear your feedback!

If you’re interested in commissioning something special for yourself or a loved one please feel free to book a complimentary discovery session with me here!

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