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Body Surf | 48″ x 30″

$1,425.00 CAD

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On the windward side of the Hawaiian island Oahu, large waves break in shallow waters. From the shore one can view fearless children eagerly awaiting these large forces and maneuvering themselves to surf the waves with only their bodies. Body Surf aims to recreate the feeling of these large waves which encompass your line of sight from the near shore.

All of Shaina’s original paintings come signed, varnished, and ready to hand with proper D-hooks and wire. Each piece has been numbered and catalogued appropriately. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided to protect your investment.

Shaina takes great pride in her work and invests in high quality materials to ensure that, with proper care, your investment will last for many years. It is never recommended to place artwork in direct sunlight.

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