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Island Perspective | 24″ x 24″

$775.00 CAD

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When the sun dips and the silhouettes of the trees darken, islands seem to merge with tree-lines in the distance. It can be misleading from afar. But the subtle changes in perspective and the reflections of the trees against the golden water (reaching out in front) bring you back to reality. The island is there, it’s simply playing a backseat while the sky and the clouds take centre stage. Inspired by one of many beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced in my life, studying light and perspective. Island Perspective measures 24″h x 24″w x 1.5″d. Acrylic on canvas. All of Shaina’s original paintings come signed, varnished, and ready to hand with proper D-hooks and wire. Each piece has been numbered and catalogued appropriately. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided to protect your investment. Shaina takes great pride in her work and invests in high quality materials to ensure that, with proper care, your investment will last for many years. It is never recommended to place artwork in direct sunlight.

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