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I am a proud owner of one of Shaina Hardie’s Toronto skyline pieces. Not a day goes by when I don’t appreciate her unique artistic style and ability to capture such a beautiful time of the day in the city. It visually portrays the paradox between the hustle and bustle of downtown and the natural tranquility of the lake. Alluring blue hues demonstrate the change between day to night, light to dark. An abstract piece with contemplative brushstrokes. The painting has the ability to transport me from my living room to the shores of Centre Island, overlooking the city. She was very accommodating with getting the piece to me and I found that the purchasing process was very easy. I continuously follow her work on her website and Instagram to see if I can expand my collection. I would not be surprised if eventually every room in my home had one of her pieces. Shaina, thank you so much for adding some colour and creativity into my everyday life.

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